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After owning several BMWs (M5/X5s) and then a period of car dis-ownership (bought the missus a Hyundai iX35), I'm back to owning a car that I can be passionate about :)

Looked at several car options but after months (and hours of watching you-tube reviews) have decided on an 18mth old F-Pace R-Sport in portofino Blue. It has 18mth warranty and most of the options I was looking for.

I live in Como, Italy (ex-pat Brit), and really wanted the Pano-roof which limited my choice a lot over here. but its also one of the few options that can't be retro-fitted - so I took my choices from those that had this.

Happy to say that I was able to find a mint one, in the right colour, R-Sport, Pano, LED lights, nice rims (19"), and 10" wide-screen which works brilliantly with Carplay and the safety features I was looking for...

What I couldn't find was a model with the Auto-Boot, Auto-Mirrors, Virtual dash, and Memory seats - all of which I think/hope can be added later. I'd also like to add the later style (facelift) grill and perhaps a different exhaust and rear diffuser, but mods are listed in order of priority.

As I;m new to the forum I'll have a good look for threads that might cover some of these, but the one that the missus is most unhappy with (she wanted the Q5) is the lack of automatic boot, so I hope it's ok to throw this one out there?,...

There are firms here that will retrofit the power boot with all OEM functionality (even if not original parts), for around 1100€ - whilst the kits are around 1/2 that. If anyone has fitted the kit themselves and can give hints on whether some/all of the wiring is already there would be really appreciated as I'd prefer to do it myself if it's not too complicated (more for the logistics than the cost).

Haven't got the car yet (next Friday 20/05) , so for sure more questions/posts will follows.

That's all for now, and looking forward to being an active member of the forum.

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