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Yea for us! My wife's 2012 VW Touareg TDi qualifies for the dieselgate buyback program. LUX model means we could be getting close to $45k from those cheating liars.

Now if it were up to me I would be gettingthe 380hp model just based on exhaust note alone, heck forget the SUV make itan F-type instead. But my wife and I buy cars for different reasons andthe diesel model with increased mpg would better suit her needs. Based onthe test drive we like the seats and interior of the R-Sport.
Volkswagen shouldbe starting the buyback program for the Touareg Tdi in early May.

I will miss the 406 ft lbs of torque the Touareg twists out. VW also had a 26 gal fuel tank vs 16 (wtf) for the F-Pace means I might be getting my hands dirty more often at the pump. Touareg avg. mpg was around 24 vs 29 F-Pace. Is Jag's diesel the next to get scrutinized like my dad's Jeep Grand Cherokee (yes my family likes diesels)? The wife loves her VW but for the $$ we looking to get, it's got to go.

Your thoughts on the diesel F-Pace?

other vehicles in the fleet:
'15 Subaru STi (my daily driver)
'88 Porsche 911 Carrera (weekend/nice weather toy)
'15 Chevy Silverado 2500 (plow/work truck)
'13 VW Beetle (college daughter's car)


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