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Hello Everyone,

We've been so busy the last year that we have not participated in this forum as much as we used to (or any of the forums TBH!)

Recently there have been more & more people reaching out to us about the FPace SVR and what performance options are available. Our company has been the leading tuner for the AJ133 platform, across all the JLR vehicles for several years now. All our tuning is written in house by Chris Edgett who is a JLR master technician with 15 years factory trained experience. We have dyno tested extensively, and even use our local airport runway for high speed testing to do additional verification in real world conditions.

At this time we offer ECU Tuning, with a combination of either upper or lower pulley, or both - up to 660BHP & 630ft/lbs of torque:
Jaguar 5.0 AJ133 Supercharged ECU Tuning, FType, FPace SVR, XJ, XF – Velocity Automotive Performance

We also recently signed off on testing and released transmission tuning for the ZF8HP70, proven to reduce quarter mile times by 0.2 seconds:
Jaguar/Range Rover ZF8HP70 Transmission Tuning – Velocity Automotive Performance

Last on the list is exhaust products. We would be very interested in developing some 200 cell downpipes for these cars, as well as exhaust options if there is interest.

What else would you guys like to see?

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Man that extra 110 hp is tempting... maybe once it’s paid off.
what sort of 0-60 and 1/4 mile traps are people running with the ECU and both pulleys and real world tires? (all season or summers)

Ideas - I see lots of brake products and other neat toys, but only a couple pads for the F-Pace SVR. What about better brake kits? Lots of us have the annoying squealy brakes that seem to be a chronic feature of the SVR. there’s also rarely a time when you want a hard brake maneuver to take longer.
Has anyone on here upgraded to the r4s pads and did it address the squealing brakes long term?
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