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Trying to match the 2021 SVR carbon fiber

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Looking for help. I've searched and called everyone at Jaguar and in the composite industry in the US/UK with little luck.

I'm trying to get the closest match to the carbon fiber used in the 2021 SVR for some finishing touches. I will be mocking up some parts that I will mold with the carbon fiber fabric which will look much better than the chrome plastic crap everywhere in the interior.

It looks like a 2x2 1k carbon twill weave, but it's not spot on.

Any help would be appreciated.

Close shot
Rectangle Font Line Wall Wood

Further out
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Thanks for the response @jibhaiyya89.

Sorry if it was vague but I'm looking for carbon fiber fabric so I can mold some pieces I want in carbon. I've received some responses from resellers and this pattern seems to be a custom OEM request from Jaguar since their experts haven't seen an exact match on the market.

If anyone has more insight, let me know, or I'm doing everything in satin black.

This is the closest match, but the pics are horrible. I ordered a sample and will update when I get it.

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