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SIM card insertion (InControl Touch Pro only)

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30-Mar-2017 00:00:00

207000 Entertainment Systems

SIM card does not latch in SIM slot or cannot be read.

Nano SIM card with ‘Nano to Micro SIM’ adaptor or SIM card orientation incorrect or SIM card not fully inserted.

Refer to the steps below and the attachment for SIM card insertion:

Use Micro SIM cards only. Single piece without adaptors are recommended.

Use of two piece ‘Nano to Micro SIM’ snap out Adaptors are not recommended as the Nano SIM may not be supported securely, resulting in the adaptor becoming trapped inside the SIM slot.* Permanent damage to internal pins will occur and SIM card will no longer be recognised by the reader.*
Note: Adaptors that have an adhesive backing may be used and can be purchased separately.
Ensure SIM card is inserted with chip facing forward and corner ‘cut out’ on outboard edge.
Refer to attachment ‘B’.
Note: SIM card will bounce back if orientation is incorrect.

Ensure SIM card is fully inserted to engage latch mechanism.
Refer to attachment ‘C’
Note: SIM card must be pushed in beyond the panel surface to engage latch. Use your fingernail or with a tool, to push SIM card downwards. Listen for a ‘click’ when latch is engaged.
Note: SIM will bounce back if not pushed in far enough
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