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So the official newest release of ICTP is 2.5_004_03. Just released to service centers in past week or so. I am having this update installed Tuesday (because I have to go in for other stuff), as well as, I hope, the "winter wiper mode" software tweak/update that should add that mode to my 2017. Will report back if I see any differences though my ICTP has been 99% since last updated. Note that this bulletin is part of SDD diagnostics service center software which includes this ICTP update.

[emphasis is mine to call out NA market items]

"16MY XJ / X351 16MY > 17MY XF / X260 16MY > 17MY XE / X760 17MY F-PACE / X761

This update includes the following enhancements to InControl Touch Pro:
• Improvements to Bluetooth phone call handling. This is to address concerns relating to the clarity and quality of the audio of the incoming call inside the vehicle.
• Improvements - Japanese vehicles only. This is to address concerns where customers may report the TV system displaying a blank screen when the system is operational.
• Improvements to the time zone handling - China and Turkey vehicles only. This is to address concerns of the incorrect time zone is being displayed.
• Enabling of the Channel Artwork feature on North American Specification vehicles with Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service.
Improvement to connectivity to address concerns of mobile data being turned OFF without request.
• Improvements to Climate Control screens to address concerns of incorrect Climate Seat icons being displayed.

This is to support a future Service Action and Technical Bulletin. Full details will appear soon in the ‘Activity Stream’ section on TOPIx."

There is also this separate service message:

NOTE: reminder this stuff applies to service folks only, THIS IS NOT AN ERROR OR PROBLEM an owner needs to worry about, just posting for info. Does illustrate how convoluted the versioning is.

Global Diagnostic Support has received reports that when the InControl Touch Pro update software is downloading to the Jaguar Land Rover approved diagnostic equipment, it displays 0% when hovering over the background download icon.
The software is actually being downloaded in the background and when it has finished downloading you will be prompted to install the software.
This concern is currently being investigated, this concern will only be apparent when InControl Touch Pro update software (NGI_Phase2.5_004.03.002) is being downloaded.
If you are not prompted to install ‘NGI_Phase2.5_004.03.002’ and the background download icon remains at 0% for a period of 24 hours, the retailer should submit a Diagnostic report for assistance.

Completely separately, I ran across a troubleshooting manual for telematics and one of the things it emphasizes it that a dealer should never let a customer leave with a new vehicle without completing setup of Jaguar accounts and Remote software and testing it. So, once again, for folks awaiting delivery use the pre-delivery letter posted elsewhere on here and DO NOT leave the dealership until you know and have used the Remote software app so you know your vehicle is correctly set up in Jaguar's system. Conversely don't jump the gun and try to set stuff up before you take delivery, do it at the dealer.
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VZX, Thanks again for keeping us up to date with new software. Looking forward to your report on this version. My car was in just a little over a week ago, so it may be some time before I'll get in for this one, unless you see something worthy of a trip.
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