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Hi F-Pace lovers...

In the last weeks I retrofited a UIP high (Unit for USB Ports, HDMI & Sim Slot).
In combination with an extra cable and some JLR CCF editing I now have AndroidAuto / AppleCarPLay retrofitted to my F-Pace MY17.

So long, so good.
But now i want to check some other things but i dont know if its possible and how its possible.
Maybe one of you did it before or has some good SDD skills.

  • Activate SIM slot in the new UIP highline module: I want to have the jlr remote app an live data for the navigation system and online Media sources
  • Driver drowsy
  • remove the startup warning on the ICTP (is it possible?)
  • mirror dip in reverse: I only have only electric seats with no memory function. Is it possible to get the dipping mode in that case?
-activate 360°camera when shift from reverse to drive? The cameras shut off when I want to park forwads. It only stay on in reverse. i

Driver drowsy should be easy but can anyone help me with the other things?
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