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Jaguar XF 30d Prestige (Nov.2017)
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I just installed S21_21.37.2-778242 today (in Switzerland). I haven't tested everything, and it's fast. My system was never updated. I bought this (used) vehicle (XF3.0d MY2017) 2 months ago. I did not have the option of updating. Thanks to you I learned that SOTA should not be activated and I asked the Jaguar dealer to do this upgrade and update right away. The vehicle was not in warranty and I had to pay 155 CHF (very good in my opinion).
I have an InControl account and I can log in on my mobile and computer, but not on the vehicle screen (before & now). When I try to log into Live, the response is that the username or password is incorrect. Does anyone have any idea why this problem and if I need to register again in to InControl or some other solution?
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