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2017 F-Pace 20d Premium 69,000 miles. Original owner.
2 part question:

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This warning lamp came on yesterday - live nowhere near JLR dealership. Called service dept at ATL dealership to make sure I could make the long drive to them without concern. They said they don't have any service appointments for a month. Had no more input on what the issue could be than "it's your parking brake". No car symptoms whatsoever - drove fine, no lag, no issues at all.
Had code read at local auto store- sent back P02CD = "cylinder 1 - fuel injector offset learning at maximum limit". Well, my check engine light has been going on and off for months and was on at the time so seems it picked up the check engine light code and gave me nothing back about the parking brake fault warning.
After having the code read, the parking brake lamp went out. Check engine light remains on and yes, I've checked the gas gap a million times.
1) any input on the "parking brake fault" lamp?
2) while there are thousands of posts here on this site regarding the check engine light, anyone have anything specific to add regarding the code it gave back?
Appreciate it!
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