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I picked up my FP on Monday evening. Once it stops raining here I'll get some pictures and post them. I noticed something with my ICTP that's odd and I've looked through the posts but I don't see anyone with what I've seen.

I noticed when driving it home that the voice prompts from the navigation were at a decent level while my music was lower. When I turned up my music however, the prompts become harder to hear. The music level still drops but not as low as when the music is already lower. The voice prompts don't seem to raise.

So, say on a scale of 1-10 I have music at 4. When navigation prompts me to turn the music drops to 2 and the navigation is at 3. But say I turn the music to 6. When the navigation prompts me the music drops to 3, but the navigation stays at 3, which is too low to hear since it's still competing with the music level.

Is there a way to turn up the volume of the navigation prompts independently of the music?
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