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Most forum members probably know how to set a destination directly from a point on the navigation map, by simply touching the exact spot you want to "navigate" to. This invokes an icon (top left) that will also give you a distance reading (a "running" reading if you are mobile) from where you currently are. Judging by the instant response, the distance shown is obviously a straight line (as the crow flies) measure, not a drive (route) distance. The point on the map gives you its address, a useful feature to set a destination (or waypoint if you want to "influence" the route) directly from the map.

What seems "odd", is that this also happens (the "destination" icon) when you use two fingers to pinch or expand to change the scale of the map, one of the great benefits of the touch screen. You can get rid of the "extra" icon if you've changed the scale in this way, by just touching the icon, but it's still a bit of a nuisance particularly when you are actually driving along.

We are used to touch screens in tablets etc. that can respond differently to different finger combinations. Is our FP just not that sophisticated or has anyone found a "setting" option that allows us to influence this "feature"?

Any comments appreciated.
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