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Knocking Noise Above Head?

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Anyone else experience a knocking noise overhead? It sounds internal, like it's coming from the track of the moonroof or something, and i usually just hear one knock when I go over an abrupt bump or something - almost like when the car body gets torqued, something knocks. Very odd, and hard to duplicate on command.
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UBNC, did you ever find out what was causing the knocking sound?
It’s been almost a year that I have had the car. Knocking sound went away in the winter but it’s back now that it’s getting warm. Dealer still can’t duplicate it.
Same here. I live in Florida so when its hot and the sun beats down on the roof I hear the knocking noise. When the car is in the garage or it’s cool out I don’t hear it until it heats up. Frustrating
Hi guys

i tink i am in the same boat. I heard this knock a few a days ago the first time. Today we had 35 celsius which is a lot for switzerland. Today the knockning noise were really loud and almost the whole time i drove the car. Interessting that i ve done the same thing like you guys here. my wife was listening in the back seats and in the trunk. wo took out everything outside the car. The knock was the always here. I am sure it will be better tomorow in the morning when i take the car outside the garage. What i dont understand is, why your dealers never found something or wasnt able to duplicate it. i think its really easy to duplicate it. The dealer has only to let the car sit a few hours in the sun. I will drive tomorow to my dealer and hope it will ve warm enough to duplicate it myself and show him.

regards from switzerland
I just had the car in for its scheduled service and I talked to the dealer about the knocking and that the radio always turns on every time I start the car even if i turn the radio off before shutting the car down. As expected, they could not duplicate the sound even though they had the car for two days. They did say that the radio problem was fixed. It’s not 😂
To keep you posted:
I was yesterday at my dealership and was able to present the knocking from above to the mechanic manager. He was surprised and shocked. A case at jaguar should be now opened for my car.
Thanks for the update. Please let us know what they find.
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