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Hey guys,

on my 2018 F-Pace, the rear backup camera stops working after some time. I have the ICT (not PRO) and only a single camera.

It is always ok when I start the engine and even stays ok for some time driving (can turn it on by the camera button just fine).

However, usually (70% of time), after a short drive (15-30 minutes) it will not start again, no matter what I try (put gear in R, press the onscreen button, press the physical camera button, ...)

I need to stop and start the engine again so the camera starts working (no "hard" power off required or locking the car).

You can see the whole story on YT:

Was at an authorized service, for many days, they only re-loaded the same software again, but the second drive it happend right away and continues.
So far have not found anything related such as rainy weather, blueetooth connection, dynamic mode, ...
Any suggestions or should I force the service to order a new cam?



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