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I think I made a mistake today…

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I test drove an SVR and it was everything.
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You won't be disappointed. I like you have my Jaguar sales guy looking at how long we can order the SVR. I'm very happy with my 2021 but it's just moving through 27k and it's 2 years old already. Last two years went fast. I'd like to refresh it before the mileage gets to high is my thought, but also thinking it would be nice without a car payment. Just nervous on something big going bad and getting beyond the 5 years and it costing more than I want to pay for.

Really have the sales guy checking what it can be ordered with and what isn't available. Not really interested in ordering one if I can't have a HUD for instance. I know my wife's F-Type has some restrictions like that.
Hi I am seriously looking to buy a 2021 or 22 F Pace SVR. Are you interested in selling yours?

Not right at this time, since I haven't heard back from my sales guy on the availability of an SVR with all the features that mine has. I'm sure you'll keep looking, but if he does get back to me in the next month or so, I'll drop you a line.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts