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"Driving carefully" is not a very good substitute for following the law, and posting publicly that trailer brakes "aren't needed" seems pretty reckless to me. Please think of your own safety and the safety of others, like pedestrians & people running red lights, etc. Emergency braking can save lives, even at low speeds.

In New York and North Carolina, the maximum that can be legally towed without brakes is 1000 lbs. In most states, it's 3000 lbs. In Massachusetts where I live, for some reason their cutoff is.. 10,000 lbs!

New Hampshire "Requires any vehicle combination to stop in 30 feet at 20 mph". That's not a lot of distance at 20mph!

Some other states have very specific requirements for breakaway brakes, which would require that a trailer has not only a breakaway system in place, but that its battery has been maintained, (maintenance on trailers is typically neglected, so this could be a really big deal if there is a disconnect or other type of accident).

Towing laws by state.
Very good points
1 - 1 of 8 Posts