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Good write up. I think if I had order my Pace new, I'd have probably ticked the trailer tow package box. But I bought it used so: I bought a hitch and T harness from eTrailer, watched their video and installed it myself in a couple hours. It was very similar to the SQ5 I had done the year previous. I am experienced in towing boats and my Thule utility trailer. I never exceed 5,000lbs. Yes, I don't have a trailer brake controller. Not needed. All the boats I tow have surge brakes and my Thule is all aluminum and doesn't have brakes. I drive very carefully when towing. I also have separate insurance on all my trailers. It's isn't widely known but when an accident occurs and the trailer disassembles from the car and becomes an unguided missile, it is no longer on the car's insurance.

I have towed with all my SUV's. By far the 2006 XC90 V8 was best, tons of torque and Bilstein Nivomats. By far the 2016 Cayenne was the worst. The base motor had no torque and the load leveling was non existent. It had a factory hitch and trailer module. The Porsche factory receiver was too big and the hitch rattled around like crazy and the module died and was a ton on money to replace. I'd put the F Pace about in the middle, certainly better than the 2018 SQ5.
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