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Hidden door lock feature? Child lock?

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I found a cover with a lock symbol on it on the inside of the door.
When I remove the cover there is a hole where the key fits in. I thought it could be a child lock for the rear doors, but i can't turn the key around.
Does someone know what this is for?

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Ehm, sorry, but i think your wrong.
That "lock" what I mean is on the inside of the door and isn't visible /reachable from the outside. So it can't be an emergency lock when the battery is dead.
If there weren't a lock symbol on the cover i would think it's a normal screw hole cover. But the locks symbol with the "I" looks like this hole is something Special.
@Cat Lady: thanks for the picture of the insturction.
I just thought you talk about open the door.
i didnt think about locking the door.
Thanks for your help.
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts