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Hidden door lock feature? Child lock?

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I found a cover with a lock symbol on it on the inside of the door.
When I remove the cover there is a hole where the key fits in. I thought it could be a child lock for the rear doors, but i can't turn the key around.
Does someone know what this is for?

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emergency door locks. If you ever need to manually lock door due to dead battery etc you would pop off that cover and use the blade inside your key fob to lock each door manually
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Ehm, sorry, but i think your wrong.
That "lock" what I mean is on the inside of the door and isn't visible /reachable from the outside. So it can't be an emergency lock when the battery is dead.
If there weren't a lock symbol on the cover i would think it's a normal screw hole cover. But the locks symbol with the "I" looks like this hole is something Special.
I am not wrong, as I have had to use in many times most recently when rear passenger door lock failed with door open. you would enter vehicle from cover on driver's door handle but to lock vehicle doors once they are open you would need to use this port.
The gray rectangular hole, can it be moved down with a screwdriver blade? The other possibility is that the cover when in place can be moved either up or down. Let us know.
you just lightly push and twist to remove thin plastic cover insert your blade key to lock door then close door and it will remain locked
and to settle this here is documentation any of you can look up in your owner's manual
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