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Good day folks,

Looking forward to my 22 F-Pace SVR arriving in November. I canceled my Macan GTS order thinking that this would fit my needs a little better in terms of size (who am I kidding, its the V8 S/C) as I am coming out of a 22 Lexus IS500 sedan.

I am no stranger to JLR products with 5 RR Sports and 3 F-Types; I am really looking forward to the improved interior.

I am curious with two things that I don't see much literature on : is Adaptive Cruise Control standard?

Anyone dealt with Blind Sport/Active Lane issues? 2 of my friends with them have reported errors that had to be replaced under warranty. One of them has a malfunctioning rear hatch as well and has to operate it manually.

I won't sweat the small stuff as I have learned with JLR over the years and truth be told in 8,000 miles on the Lexus (which is constantly in the top reliability marks) I have had 2 CELs, 1 subwoofer replacement, alignment issues and 1 sensor to replace.

The spec if anyone cares :

Santorini Black/ Ebony Mars Red
Jaguar Drive Control w/Adaptive Surface
Black Exterior Pack
Heat Windshield
Power Gesture Roof
Premium Cabin Lighting
Meridian Surround Sound
Head-up Display
Park Assist
Forged 22 inch wheels

I look forward to contributing and hopefully a trouble free ownership experience!

p.s looking in the forum, I notice some of you have disconnected the rear connectors for the active exhaust, is it a significant difference? Where is that diagram?
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