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Good day folks,

Looking forward to my 22 F-Pace SVR arriving in November. I canceled my Macan GTS order thinking that this would fit my needs a little better in terms of size (who am I kidding, its the V8 S/C) as I am coming out of a 22 Lexus IS500 sedan.

I am no stranger to JLR products with 5 RR Sports and 3 F-Types; I am really looking forward to the improved interior.

I am curious with two things that I don't see much literature on : is Adaptive Cruise Control standard?

Anyone dealt with Blind Sport/Active Lane issues? 2 of my friends with them have reported errors that had to be replaced under warranty. One of them has a malfunctioning rear hatch as well and has to operate it manually.

I won't sweat the small stuff as I have learned with JLR over the years and truth be told in 8,000 miles on the Lexus (which is constantly in the top reliability marks) I have had 2 CELs, 1 subwoofer replacement, alignment issues and 1 sensor to replace.

The spec if anyone cares :

Santorini Black/ Ebony Mars Red
Jaguar Drive Control w/Adaptive Surface
Black Exterior Pack
Heat Windshield
Power Gesture Roof
Premium Cabin Lighting
Meridian Surround Sound
Head-up Display
Park Assist
Forged 22 inch wheels

I look forward to contributing and hopefully a trouble free ownership experience!

p.s looking in the forum, I notice some of you have disconnected the rear connectors for the active exhaust, is it a significant difference? Where is that diagram?
disconnecting the active exhaust makes a big difference in my opinion. it's still very tolerable at low RPMs. definitely very loud, but the inside of the vehicle is well insulated, so it sounds much louder outside at idle. once you step on the gas you will hear it inside and out. it's also nice to not have to hit the active exhaust button every start up. there are instructions in one of the forum posts. I found it easiest to disconnect the plastic "skid plate" looking thing and then do the work to disconnect the active exhaust. very easy.
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