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Hello from Poland - new SVR owner

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Hi all,
I have just pull the trigger on the F-Pace SVR and I'm exited. I currently drive a C43 AMG Coupe (I should be C63S, I know, but winters here can be harsh I do need AWD) but I knew that I will be needing something much more practical next year. I did my research and based on many reviews and figured I should test drive F-Pace SVR so I can possibly order one to be delivered in 2024 before they shut down the production. I test drove the car I immediate fell in love with how it drives and feels like a much lighter car but you guys know it all already.
I went inside to spec a car and the dealer told me that few of the options cannot be chosen anymore. But I was shown a 2022 SVR they had on the floor. It was absolutely fully loaded I mean every single option, the SV special paint "deep desire red", but since it was 2022 car and it was registered with the dealership in December 22 so the 5 year warranty clock already started. The sticker price was crazy high PLN 727k (roughly $173k - however no additional dealer mark-up - it was as it is in the catalogue - NOTE luxury cars are all crazy expensive here. the only "mark up" is the taxes ~19% import tax already payed by dealer and 23% VAT right after sale, -from the rest he will obviously have to pay income tax, but that is another story).
I half-jokingly said that should be way cheaper because of the warranty already running and if it was I am willing to wire the money for the car today. And I got a PLN 50k ($12K) discount right off the bat and I've realized that they really need to sell that car, so after 4h of negotiating I manage to get it down to PLN599k ($142k), which is such a good deal that I went with immediately, even though I was planning to buy it next year. It is getting ready to be PPFed now and I am picking it up by the end of the month. I am extremely exited:) I guess I won't be needing my C43 anymore. Any tips for new owner other than to check and change oil more often then ever before in my life? ;)
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Congrats! That’s a gorgeous color. Enjoy your new ride. My 21 SVR has been mechanically flawless since I bought it new. Few fit and finish nits here and there but JLR has been great addressing everything. I change my oil every 8k even tho mfr suggests 16k. Otherwise just been enjoying it. Im sure you will too!
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