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Hello from Canada, new SVR owner.

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Hello Forum,
Thank you all for making my research so much easier on me. This forums has been a great help in deciding whether we should jump into the 2019 F-Pace SVR we just bought. Silver with the off white/black interior and carbon inlays.
The car is still at the dealer getting prepared for us. I talked them into a full break job and performance summer tires for the 22".
Next we are going to go and research what the smallest rims are I can fit for winters and then cold-air intake and filters.

I am really looking forward to owning this one, it was time for us to add a car for me and my partner.
I apologize for not having any pictures yet, I hope you guys enjoy a picture of one of my other cars instead.
Thank you once more for the great information treasure trove.

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