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Well it seems our new car purchase excitement was short lived. Just over 48hrs to be exact

driving home on the motorway on collection day the Mrs commented on the noise of the engine and gear change feeling, I said I think it’s due to it being automatic the gear changes sound and feel different to a manual (what we are both used to and came from).

She’s still saying somethings not right, my sister has an F pace also and we test drove hers before we bought ours and the Mrs said to me your sisters does not feel or sound like this. I said I’m sure it does, she says no way it does I would Remember.

So we go to my sisters this evening she comes in our car and I tell her what we are thinking about the difference from hers to ours, we go for a drive and she agrees that our engine sounds rougher and that the noise level of the engine inside the cabin is a lot louder and stonier sounding and the time between gear changes feel more prolonged and clunky.

We go in her car I’m in the drivers seat and as soon as I start the engine I know right away could instantly hear the difference.
I Take it for a drive and wow the difference in the drive from her f pace to ours is like going from a old rough Diesel engine in ato refined quality right down to the smoothness and efficiency of the gear changes.

Sisters car is a 2018 with 38k on the clock
Ours is 2019 with 30k on the clock
Both the same engine variant and both r sport Models

Any ideas?


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