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Hi, it sounds like you’re 100% certain that it’s not the brake hold function. I just finished reading the manual, as I too just got a ‘22 SVR 2 months ago and wanted to know how some features function. You are right, this is not a normal function.
Excerpt from 2022 MY user manual.
The EPB (ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE) is integrated with the Park (P) button located on the center console.
When shifting from P with the EPB applied, the EPB automatically releases to allow a smooth drive away.
When the P button is pressed, the transmission engages Park (P) and the EPB applies to help secure the vehicle.
The EPB may be applied automatically by other vehicle functions.
When stationary, with the EPB applied and the transmission engaged in a forward or reverse gear, press the accelerator pedal gradually to release the EPB. The result is that the vehicle can be driven away smoothly. The driver’s door must be closed or the driver’s seat belt fastened to allow the EPB to release.
The EPB applies automatically if the ignition is switched off and the vehicle's speed is below 2 mph (3 km/h).
The driver may wish to leave the vehicle secured by using transmission Park (P) only, e.g. in very cold environments.
To deactivate automatic operation of the EPB when the vehicle's ignition is switched off, operate as follows:

  1. With the engine running, press the P button once to engage transmission Park (P) and apply the EPB.
  2. Press the brake pedal and simultaneously press the P button for 1 second. The EPB releases and transmission Park (P) remains engaged.
  3. Whilst still maintaining brake pedal pressed, switch off the ignition.
  4. Check that the vehicle is secured by transmission Park (P).
If an EPB fault is detected, the instrument panel displays a warning message. The amber brake warning lamp also illuminates. See BRAKE (AMBER).

If a fault is detected during EPB operation, the instrument panel displays a warning message. The red EPB warning lamp also flashes. See BRAKE (RED).

To protect against unintentional vehicle movement, the EPB automatically applies when the driver is detected to be exiting the vehicle. The EPB is applied when Drive (D), Neutral (N), Reverse (R), or Sport (S) is selected and all of the following conditions exist:

  • The vehicle is stationary.
  • The driver's door is opened.
  • The brake pedal is released.
If the driver exit EPB application feature is triggered while the driver’s seatbelt is unbuckled, the seatbelt must be buckled to allow drive-away release.

I am not certain what else this could be other than a computer glitch which needs to be looked at and corrected by the dealer. Please post updates when this is sorted out.
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