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Hi everyone,

I have an F Pace 20d that the DEF is low message had appeared last week for the first time. I took to a local dealer and they filled it. At the time I didn’t necessarily trust they did anything because on my way home I stopped to put gas in the car and noticed the message pop up again when I turned it back on. I called them, they said he put 12 liters in, but to take the car back and they’ll diagnose it. We took it to another Jag dealership over the weekend and they tried filling it but later noticed it was in fact full. The computer they connected read it was empty so they suggested taking it to the original dealership and have them diagnose because they did fill it but it’s not reading it’s full.

At that point it was 48 hours since getting it filled the first time and when I got home the message had disappeared. After the initial fill (Thursday) it still read 1336 miles to DEF empty. Saturday, after the message disappeared, it read 5909 miles to DEF empty with the low message gone.

Does it take time for the system to register the top up and coincidentally went away after we had taken it to the other dealership? Could the shop have reset it after connecting it to the computer? I’ve gone through the manual and also searched online everywhere and can’t seem to find an answer. Also, Jaguar USA customer service was useless when I called them.

Thanks in advance!
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