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Discussion Starter · #1 · is not responsible for the sales or merchandise that are offered here. Please use your best judgement when purchasing items online to protect yourself.


1.) You will need to have been a member for 90 days, and have 50 posts in order to list an item for sale.

2.) Your ad should be for F-Pace, or F-Pace-related products only.

3.) Include a picture (required) and an asking price. If no asking price is included, OR ad is marked as "Make me an offer", your ad will be removed.

4.) Items being offered for sale are to be items of your OWN. You may not sell items for friends, relatives, or others.

5.) No Commercial Posting. Ads promoting custom work or businesses will be removed. If you are interested in advertising on, please Contact Us or PM this account for more details.


1.) You are permitted to Bump ('TTT') your ad once per 24 hour period, if it is no longer on the first page.

2.) You can ask questions related to the product and for more information in the thread.

3.) Do not hash out pricing in the thread. To make an offer, PM the Seller.

4.) Do not belittle or otherwise attack a Seller over their ad. If you do not agree with its condition or price, just move on.

5.) If you are posting multiple items, post them together in one thread.


Payment options are to be discussed and agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller and may vary from transaction to transaction. Please use discretion.
If Paypal has been chosen as the payment method, it is recommended that you do not use the Family & Friends option. This removes much of the security and options you would normally have available, if anything should go wrong with your sale.

Buyers: When PMing a seller, please post 'PM sent' in their thread. This lets other members know there are offers pending on an item.

Sellers: Please take your offers in a 'first come, first served' order. If you do not like the offer, say so and wait for a new one. Do not leave potential Buyers hanging while you wait for a 'better offer'.
If you have refused an offer, state that the item is 'Still available' in your thread.
If you have accepted an offer, state that the item is 'Pending payment' in your thread.
If you have Sold an item, state that the item is 'Sold' in your thread. Moderator Team reserves the right to remove any ad it deems unsuitable.

These Guidelines may change at any time, without notice.
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