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Camera in the windshield

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Hey Team, I purchased a 2018 F-Pace, and IM lost. How can one car and year have so many different features than the car next to it. So I have cameras in the upper part of my windshield in front of the rearview mirror, the book says it's for adaptive cruise control, but Other than the cruise control button I show nothing to turn on the adaptive cruise, I don't have anything to set my distance from the vehicle in front of me. This is only one of several things I have found to be confusing
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Adaptive has a radar antenna in the grill where the growler badge is. If you have a rectangular flat plastic growler and (as you mentioned) a distance control on the right side steering wheel, then you have adaptive. It was not a common option early on. If you have a regular round molded growler, no adaptive.
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ROBTR8 is correct but you should also know that cameras in windshield are also for lane departure/ lane assist as well so you may have lane departure but not acc
As stated above, to have ACC/AEB you need the flat plastic rectangle w/ growler in the grille (se sensor) and you should have distance toggles on each side of the “Set +, RES, Set -” cruise control buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. The cameras are also used for reading speed limit signs so they can be displayed in the gauge cluster and HUD, if you have that feature. It may assist with ACC/AEB somehow, since I sometimes get an “AEB not available” message on startup if it’s cold outside and the windshield is really fogged up. It goes away once the car heats up and the windows defog, which takes a bit longer for the enclosed cameras even if you have the heated windscreen.
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