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Hello, So recently I lowered my wife's F Pace S with the H&R springs (28730-1). It seems to have kept the front and rear the same gap. It lowered it from about 3.75" wheel gap to about 2.5". Overall about 1.25" lowered. The tires/wheels are a 285/35/22 Continental Extreme Contact and wheels are 22x10 +35mm offset Ferrada FR2 wheel. They fit great with no rubbing, even lowered.

Now I have taken the vehicle to get aligned and the shop is saying they can't get the camber back to spec. It's got about-1.9* camber and spec is -.9* or so they said. Does anyone know if there's adjustable a arms or eccentric camber adjustment bolt kits out there for the front/rear? Or do I even need to worry about 1* off spec? I couldn't find much info out there other than a few people on here saying they lived with the extra camber with no real noticeable tire wear.
Thanks in advance


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