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After asking for an ICT upgrade (from v2.5 to v3.4) yesterday in my first service, today I’ve noticed that automatic text scrolling option works weird in my f-pace.

In media player screen everything it’s ok, but in the main screen, while in v2.5 songs name scrolled nicely when it didn’t fit the media button, now with v3.4 the first letters of the playing song name with three dots are always shown when the song starts (as if automatic text scrolling was disabled), but after a while in some songs scroll starts to works for a few seconds and then abruptly stops again until the end of the song and in others text always keeps fixed.

Is this a known bug in ICT v3.4 and all of you having it have the same problem or something went wrong with my update and I should ask my dealer to have a look at it?

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