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Android Auto/Apple Carplay

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Hi guys, I've got a 2023 P400, love most things about it except one thing.. the wireless Android Auto/Apple Carplay ALWAYS drops out. Like frequently so much that it's unusable and I just use the Spotify app straight from the car instead of Android Auto. Pardon if it's a stupid question but I've been told if I just use a cable it cuts out less. Which way would classify as a 'cable'? I plug it in via the 12V outlet to my phone and also via the straight USB-C port in the middle console but they both still cut out alot. Is anybody else having this problem? Thanks in advance.
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When you say always how frequently is it happening to you. My sound cuts out probably about once ever 2 hour drive I take to our other location. Shorter drives it never cuts out at all. I'm running the latest Pivi software though. It was worse when I was on earlier versions. I would suggest you turn off all notifications you would get in CarPlay or Android Auto, I think that has something to do with it.
Like once every few minutes rendering it basically unusable. I should have the latest Pivi Pro since the car's only a month old. I'll try turning off the notifications in settings and see how we go. Are you using wireless as well?
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