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2020 F-Pace 300 Sport
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Like a few other people I've seen on this forum, my model (2020 300 Sport) did not come with a UIP that had a SIM slot or HDMI port. The dealer said that I cannot get Android Auto or CarPlay because the vehicle lacks hardware support for it. This was a huge disappointment since I just bought it new and was told there would be AA support. Information on this topic has been somewhat vague. However, I did find two useful documents that seem to confirm what the dealer is telling me.

The first is the Australian release notes for update 19B (the first release to include the Smartphone Pack by default I think). At the end of the document is a footnote stating that you need a vehicle with the 10" screen and SIM slot for the pack.

The second is an Australian company that is offering "OEM" smartphone pack retrofits. Their write-up is the best explanation of the hardware issue I've found but I don't know if it's legit. Essentially, they claim it's not so much that the SIM slot is necessary but the module has extra hardware internally that JLR's AA/CP implementation need.

Unfortunately, they don't sell the parts outside of their region and I haven't yet found any other information about swapping the UIP module for a higher spec one. Hoping someone here has some insights. If not, then maybe this post can be helpful to someone else searching for the same answers.
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