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I feel I have to add the positive with the recent onslaught of negatives we come across on the forum.
Psychologically, people tend to make more of a fuss of negative things that positive things.

I too fall into that social demographic, even though I still love the car and how she drives.

Onto the good.

The other day, I gave a ride to a friend of mine in the car and had it in sport mode.
I did not go full nuts of the acceleration, but jumped on it a little bit from a stop getting on the highway (From a stop sign), the supercharger whined out as we hit 70 in no time, then i shut it off).
The car literally pounced, it felt so good. Like I was in my corvette or a tight little sportscar.

My friend (who drives a Maserati SUV) looked at me with a smile and said this cat pounces!).

I only have the 340HP 35t (Prestige model) but the car really feels quicker than it is (I have not tested it though yet precisely) .
I am still contemplating doing a full tune and exhaust to up the performance even more, but not sure I even need it or I might have to
sell my vette as it would be close in performance. LOL.

Just wanted to say how comfortable the car is and yet for under $70K can deliver very good performance and the looks to boot.
My other car that I partially traded in was a 2014 Infinity Q50s Hybrid sport AWD. It's a tight sports hybrid with almost 360HP/460TRQ in stock form (mine was modified). I had it run under 5seconds 0-60 but it was much tighter inside and not quite as comfortable as the Jag.
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