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I believe the standard approach with Jag is to change the rotors whenever you change the pads. I went to Porterfield, pads mentioned above, on my 2021 SVR and I did that at 5k miles and didn't change the rotors at that time. I changed the pads out due to the fact that the Brembo we squeaking terribly. The change over silenced the pads and I had no issue not changing the rotors due to the light duty they had till then. With 20k, I think I'd have someone who is a mechanic look at your rotors and let you know if you need to change them.

The brembos being semi metallic can cause the rotor to wear a bit. That is why you normally resurface rotors which a brake change. I think the rotors on the SVRs can't be resurfaced and that is the problem why they need to be fully replaced. At least that is my understanding.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts