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2020 SVR already needs brakes and rotors

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Hello everyone,
I have a 2020 F-Pace SVR with just over 25,000 miles. I just took it into the dealership for an oil change and they say I need new rotors and pads. They say that now the brake light is coming on. Doesn’t this seem like very low mileage to need new rotors? Has anyone else had this experience? How long should they last?


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I have a bottle of Mitchter's 10-Yr that says you don't need rotors, even though your dealer may insist. Get some Porterfied's, as mentioned above, and get an independent garage to install them. It will be about $300 for the pads, plus about the same for labor, if you don't do it yourself. I put them on my F-Type at about 30K miles - not because I was having a problem/warning, but because I like them better (and was getting ready to run the Tail of the Dragon). Great brakes. Less dust. The F-Pace is up next.
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