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2020 SVR already needs brakes and rotors

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Hello everyone,
I have a 2020 F-Pace SVR with just over 25,000 miles. I just took it into the dealership for an oil change and they say I need new rotors and pads. They say that now the brake light is coming on. Doesn’t this seem like very low mileage to need new rotors? Has anyone else had this experience? How long should they last?


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I have a 2018 F Pace 20d that I bought new as a leftover in 2019. I took it to the dealer to have my yearly state inspection done and they told me I needed front brakes at just over 12000 miles (it’s my wife’s car and she is not hard on brakes). I did a 4 wheel brake job myself with new rotors as the rears were getting close. The car now has just over 33000 miles and still ok. Factory rotors were garbage as the iron was flaking which may be the cause for the premature failure of the pads. All replacement parts that I used were aftermarket from BrakePerformance. I used regular rotor’s & ceramic pads. I usually use cross drilled & vented rotors but didn’t want to go for the extra dollars if I had to replace again in another 12000 miles. I will use the drilled & vented next time as I normally do.
I have 40k on my 20D and not a peep out of the brakes. Just driven normally. I hope to get 60k out of them.. is that dreaming?
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