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Never entered my mine when I bought my car, but it came with Xenon headlights. I've covered the Owners Manual and naturally nothing. I've read the forum till I'm cross eyed, and never in either was it mentioned the mention of the bulb size. Now I've seen where many want to or was converting to LED's, and I really like the LEDs, but cost is something right now, so just to switch out of the Xenon light to Bi-Xenon white lights was all I was hoping for. I want to ditch the yellow lights for a truer white light is all.

Anyone know the size of the 2019 Xenon bulb size ?
Was is it the same for prior years, (since dealers seem to be slow getting the 2019 bulbs advertisement out there).

Any help in looking for a brighter day in my life ???
Thanks !
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