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Well it’s been 12 months in my svr owned from new with 20 delivery miles on the clock .
And what can I say I love it ,not had a single problem or issue with it 3800 miles driven and every one of them is something special in this beast , I love it more now than the day I had it , the looks have grown on me ,initially wasn’t to fond of the grey trim but after a few months spotting that it matches the grey in the wheels mmm it looks ok .
interior is a special place no issues in there still smells new not wear to the seats .
So far I’ve been lucky no marks to them 22inch wheels body work also unmarked. The only option it hasn’t got was ambiant lighting (I wish it had that )
The tv is a waste of money
the collision assist is a must ,so is the head up display and the sunroof
i don’t think there’s a better looking and most certainly a better sounding performance suv out there there’s no way il be swapping it anytime soon for sure
My 0-60 times are 4.1 seconds but my word it feels so much quicker than that ,it as so much brute force from a standing start it gets you every time . I love the colour I’ve never had a blue car before this ultra blue really pops in the sun .
I’ve had a fair few suvs in the past and I get fed up with them after 12 months but the svr as just got better and better couldn’t recommend one enough
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