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  1. Australia
    Hi all, So today was our first annual service (the cars 3rd) for a 2019 SVR. We brought the car 2 months ago and we shocked when we found out it had a 5 year service plan which was a pleasant surprise. But that's not where the surprises ended. Brakes Pads Brakes we squeaky so expected maybe...
  2. F-Pace Maintenance And Service
    Hi all, Loving the SVR and sooooo glad we went with a V8 Supercharged engine. Can't believe Jag will be all electric by 2025. For us this car is a long term purchase and I can't see us giving it up anytime soon (It's soooo much fun to drive). Soooo now the maintenance and regular TLC begin...
1-2 of 2 Results