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  1. Electronics/Electrical
    Was wondering if anyone had any insight w/regards to logging on to the "InControl" access via the Navigation system? When I attempt to log in I receive the car has to be "connected to the internet" message. Any tips/pointers on how I can log into the Navi.
  2. Electronics/Electrical
    The navigation system, Bluetooth and USB Connection just died in my 2017 F Pace 35 T R Sport. The dealership just ran a diagnostic and have told me I need to replace the audio head unit at a cost of $2400. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and had success resolving it without paying...
  3. ICTP
    In the past few months the navigation system has, on its own, fairly regularly logged me out. I leave for a trip expecting the route I set on the route app will download as soon as my cell data connection is live and nothing happens. I go to force a synch of destinations and get message asking...
1-3 of 3 Results