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  1. ICTP update

    hi all, just after some assistance/clarification. Im in Australia and have a 2017 F-Pace 30D s with ICTP currently running on 18b software. Vehicle has the interactive driver display but only has the 2x usb ports in centre console (no sim or hdmi ports) Ive taken it to the dealer and have been...
  2. ICTP nav system logging me out....grrrr

    In the past few months the navigation system has, on its own, fairly regularly logged me out. I leave for a trip expecting the route I set on the route app will download as soon as my cell data connection is live and nothing happens. I go to force a synch of destinations and get message asking...
  3. 2016 XF with ICTP got an OTA update!

    Folks There are several XF lurkers like me on here, because mainly JLR sold only 50 or XFs with ICTP in the last 3 years. We have all gravitated here for advice. First, two weeks ago, I got a letter from JLR telling me that I am eligible for a free upgrade to ICTP, I was like YEAH, finally AA...
  4. SiriusXM channels won't change consistenly with steering wheel controls.

    Hi all! I'm Susie, new to the F-Pace Forum. I have a 2018 F-Pace 35t R-Sport here in Seattle. Nice to meet you all! Lately, when I listen to SiriusXM and try to change the channel using the steering wheel controls, I can move forward a few channels, but then it won't go further. I can go back...