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  1. Modifications And Customizations
    Hello, I own a 2018 F-pace 30t and was wondering if there were any aftermarket exhaust that would be good for the car. I’ve seen a lot of exhaust for the 3.0L f-pace but none for the 2.0L(cause it’s not as popular). I think the exhaust on the 30t and the 3.0 might be the same so an install would...
  2. Exterior
    Hey everyone I'm new on here. My car was white, but decided to wrap it satin black to be different. Here are some pics :). the wheels were powder coated black.
  3. Electronics/Electrical
    Has anyone looked into or installed NavTool? Seems to be capable of adding carplay to 2018 f-pace. Curious of thoughts on cost, labor, function, roi...
1-3 of 3 Results