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  1. 2017 F-Pace R Sport Exhaust

    I installed a Quicksilver race exhaust ... no longer need the factory exhaust (I would just keep it - but I'm moving into a smaller home without a basement and storage will be at a premium). I would love to sell it so if anyone is interested I'd take just about any offer. Local only (Atlanta...
  2. Exhaust cutouts and tuning?

    Modifications And Customizations
    Just picked up a 2018 F-Pace S. Glad to see it has a true dual exhaust! I've been in the "tuner" world for a long time (have a 400whp WRX I built with racing in mind), and also race motorcycles, so I have a need for performance and sound. I don't want to just replace the exhaust, but would like...
  3. Custom Exhaust System Check-in

    Modifications And Customizations
    Hey if you have a Custom Exhaust on your Fpace please let me know the following: 1. Type of brand and model you went with 2. Any issues since the install 3. If you have any sound clips of it please post it