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  1. Electronics
    2017 F-Pace S, with the 8" ICT and 380W Meridian. OK, so the previous owner's history showed that a couple of times they brought the vehicle in for some kind of audio/speaker issue, all covered under warranty. On the second time noted in the service history, the amp was replaced. All seemed...
  2. Electronics
    The navigation system, Bluetooth and USB Connection just died in my 2017 F Pace 35 T R Sport. The dealership just ran a diagnostic and have told me I need to replace the audio head unit at a cost of $2400. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and had success resolving it without paying...
  3. ICTP
    Whenever music is playing through the speakers I hear the crackling sound which is very annoying. The service center replaced two front speakers but the problem was not resolved. Has anyone experienced this? or any suggestions?
1-3 of 3 Results