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Stuart Hellman
Multiple (4) Visits to Correct Software Technology Issues
The once proud Motor Car Company, Jaguar Motors, has lost it’s way.
Originally a British icon dating back to 1922, it was sold in 1990 to The Ford Motor Company, USA (can you see the resemblance in the vehicles?) and most recently to Tata Motors, India in 2008.
Along the way their Designs, which had been reveled by many, are now an afterthought. A vehicle that previously had issues with reliability, now has been Designed to fail miserably with it’s technology, the InControl Touch Pro System, considered to be a laggard in today’s automotive software. I can say that, because Jaguar Cars of North America has informed me that my 2019 Jaguar F-Pace was Designed to require frequent Software Updates in an attempt to maintain the constantly failing technology. Phantom features, simple Blue-Tooth Phone Connection, and accurate remote communications are a constant challenge for my vehicle. Evidently this Design parameter is a residual from the days that The Ford Motor Company owned and Designed their vehicles.
I am clearly not alone in my experience. In 2019 the Jaguar F-Pace topped Consumer’s Report List for Least Reliable Vehicles. The #1 Issue cited was the Vehicle Infotainment Software, not mechanical breakdowns, according to Jake Fisher, Consumer Report’s Director of Auto Testing. This followed Jaguar’s own Recall in 2018 for a Software Update.
The fact that you have come to this Forum site shows that you are doing your Due Diligence before investing in a car that leases for $1,000./month, or can be purchased for slightly less than $100,000. I am only sorry that I did not do my proper investigative work before acquiring the Jaguar F-Pace.
Should you be considering a foreign luxury vehicle steer away from the Jaguar, and it’s sister vehicle, Land Rover. Instead, focus on the German and Japanese entries, who are miles ahead with their software technology, unless you are a Software Scientist, and enjoy the challenge of fixing someone else’s Design mistakes.

S.H., Huntington, NY, 2019 Jaguar F-Pace VIN #xxxxxxx604518, 2/20/2021


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