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FPpace SVR
Ultimate Blue
pretty much all of them.
2019 Jaguar FPpace SVR (Ultimate Blue)


I've only added a Stealth Hitch so far, along with mounting the Ace Alloys from my previous F-Pace S First Edition



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Nice SVR, mine is Silver. Since they are very rare in the U.S. for 2019, I could not get a different color. First Jag that I've ever owned. And I enjoy driving it every day.


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WildCat, since you've been on the site a few days, you probably have figured out this is my second Jaguar, and second F-Pace. I had a First Edition, but was pining for the SVR from the day I bought the FE. My neighbor has a XJR Convertible and that V8 was intoxicating in that beast. The F-Pace SVR V8 sounds even better due to the exhaust mods. Sweet ride, love driving mine everyday as well!

I had my choice on color since I ordered mine the minute it was available for order. My Jag Sales guy from the FE had my SVR order 2 months before the ordering opened and he placed the order the day it could be placed. I already have 7500 miles on mine, so I do drive it quite a bit.

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this SVR is addictive. I have 8230 miles on mine. Strange story... I drove up to Jag dealership, on my birthday, an was initially checking out the T-type. During the conversation I mentioned that I would like to see the new F-pace SVR. But I knew they were just coming out. To my surprise he stated that had two onsite. One was already sold, but I can see the other one. They let me test drive it. I bought it that day. I found out later someone ordered one and backed out at the last minute. Then, the dealership informed me that on 77 were made for the US in 2019.