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  1. Android Auto Installation

    I am having trouble getting Android Auto to show up on the ITCP screen. I have it on my phone but cannot seem to get it to load to ITCP.
  2. Auto start/stop conclusions?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I do not like the auto S/S system and was very happy when it stopped working for several months. I started receiving a "low battery please start car" warning after the car sat for a few days. It was determined that the battery was bad and after it was replaced the auto S/S started working again.
  3. ITCP update to Phase 4

    My 2017 FE FPace was just updated to Phase 4. I am so happy with the navigation. I also notice the radio volume control on the steering wheel not changes while it is held down, instead of having to push it continually to change volume. Is it listed some where on the forum, as to what other...
  4. Am I being too picky about ITCP update?

    I took my 2017 FPace FE in for the annual service and asked to have the navigation updated so that I would have "Voice Commands" that were included in the Phase 4 update. I took the car out after the update and no voice commands. I took it right back and asked the service rep how to use voice...
  5. Voice Commands for Phase 4 Update

    My 2017 FE is being update to Phase 4 next week. Is there a list of voice commands that I will be able to use for navigation?
  6. Steering Wheel Noise When Turning

    F-Pace Issues And Problems
    It sounds like the steering shaft is rubbing on something emitting a noise, that at first thought was a bad power steering pump. Has anyone else had the noise. I have 22,000 on my 2017.
  7. ITCP Does navigation have good voice commands?

    I just called the dealer and was told that the 18B Phase4 Update is still in the testing phase and they are only installing it on their loaners to make sure it works properly.
  8. ITCP Does navigation have good voice commands?

    My dealer is trying to get me to trade in my 2017 FE for a 2018. I am wondering if the 2018 has improved the ITCP so that navigation voice commands function?
  9. Sim card ?

    What to expect with Sim card? I have successfully installed the Freedom Pop Sim card and the displays shows 3G. What features can I expect to see now that I have a Sim card installed?
  10. Auto start/stop mode

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Pull The Fuse Isn't there a fuse that can be pulled to disable the start/stop feature?
  11. ITCP CD Player locking up

    I must admit that I am one of those dinosaurs who still listens to audiobooks using the CD player. During the first two discs the player locked up for about 10 seconds on each disc. While playing the third disc the player totally locked up and I was unable to even reject the disc. Anyone...
  12. Windshield Wiper Fluid FROZEN

    F-Pace Issues And Problems
    I had similar freezing problems, usually with the first cold snap, and always felt it was caused by washer fluid that had been in the tank all summer and the antifreeze agent had evaporated.
  13. Insurance rates

    Insurance Chatter
    Sarasota, FL 250000/500000 $2000 deductible no accidents 71 years old State Farm $690 semi annually
  14. InControl Touch Pro 3.0x Available

    I just had my F-Pace in for service and asked for the 3.0 update. How do I tell if I received it?
  15. How Low Does It Go

    F-Pace MPG & Fuel Economy Discussion
    While on a recent road trip I noticed the gas gauge was a few hairs from being in the red zone, but did not have any low fuel warming. When I gassed up it took 14.6 gallons. Should I have it checked to see if it is working?
  16. Steering Wheel Audio Volume Control

    I recently tried adjusting the audio volume using the buttons on the steering wheel. When I hold the button down it takes for ever (20 seconds) to move from min volume to max. When I try to change volume with single pushes of the button it only changes a minuscule amount requiring many many...
  17. Waiting Two Weeks for A/C Repairs

    F-Pace Issues And Problems
    I have had a Freon leak in the A/C since the car was new. They recharged it twice without finding the leak. On the third try they found a leak in a hose and ordered the new hose. It was delivered and then they discovered they had to order "O" rings for the hose. Tomorrow it will be two weeks...
  18. New Silver S or pre-owned Silver First Edition?

    Jaguar F-Pace General Discussion Forum
    I have the silver FE and live in FL and miss the cooled seats. The FE also comes with 10 way front seats while R or S has 14 way option.
  19. Wheel Nuts

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    This is my first car with 22" wheels. I do have the Jaguar wheel locks installed. I am parking it at the airport for a few days and wonder if I should be worried about someone trying to steal the wheels? I thought that I should not leave the wheel lock key in the car, as they could break a...
  20. Discounts off of MSRP

    Jaguar F-Pace Dealers & Pricing
    I was lucky enough to get a FE from Crown that someone had backed out on. The sales process was great but I have not been happy with their service department.
1-20 of 33 Results