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  1. Volvo Plagiarism??

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Same goes for the XE and S60. Definitely taking design cues from the entire Jaguar range.
  2. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Try as I might, and despite my now 6 years of adapting to this new language, I still find myself spelling words correctly! :eek: But in light of this deflective attempt of a "counter attack" on my utilisation of the Queen's English, I graciously accept your concession of defeat in our kerb and...
  3. Jaguar BMW Join Forces

    Off Topic Discussion
    I think it is good news. To team up with a powerhouse like BMW can't be a bad thing. As the article says it gives JLR the ability to expand its range more quickly and cost effectively plus for BMW to want to team up with JLR indicates to me that they're pretty impressed by what JLR have already...
  4. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Alright, putting aside the rim rash potential, there is the small matter of tyre puncturing debris that congregates so close to a kerb. I'm sorry, but your position on kerb side parking is completely inconsistent with your overall parking philosophy, and I say that with all due respect, of...
  5. Need help deciding on wheels

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    Nice! Got some Axe's on my XE. Love them!
  6. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Yes, that's the point. I don't understand how parking that close to a kerb can be considered acceptable, when we're not allowed to park within 3 miles of a tree! The potential for rim rash is off the charts!
  7. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Pretty sure if I parked this close to a 'kerb' and posted it on here a certain somebody would have a field day!
  8. Jaguar Remote Ver 2.0

  9. Callum stepping down

    Off Topic Discussion
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't all those XK design changes happen under Callum's leadership? I mean I know he designed the car in the first place but he was also responsible for all those tweaks you don't like. Personally I am disappointed he's leaving. I really hope his replacement...
  10. Forward Looking Radar Failure

    Whatever system they use for the AEB is somewhere in the engine compartment or at the front of the car. Mine fell off mid-journey and we only knew when we got a message on the display telling us it was no longer active. When we took it back to the dealer the guy told us that we must be mistaken...
  11. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Well yeah. So firstly, we took the car off the lot and got a great deal, the gloss black package was already on it, it wasn't something we requested be put on it, although it does look great on the silver car. But I never really liked the silver badges on the back against the gloss black stuff...
  12. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Dipped the vents today, from gloss black to matte. Came out ok.
  13. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Thanks! I wanted some of these for my XE some time ago and WT didn't do them so I didn't bother checking for my F-Pace. Just ordered a set, my wife will be pleased!
  14. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    She's an absolute beauty, love the blue. Like others, I'm just a little jealous! I notice wind/rain deflectors on the windows, did they come with or are they aftermarket? Asking for my wife, she loved them on our last car and would love them on the F-Pace too!
  15. What loaner vehicles do you get when you take your F-Pace in for service?

    Off Topic Discussion
    I've been asked by both sales and service to give all tens and I think it's an absolute liberty that they would do that. If you want tens, give me a ten out of ten service and you'll get tens. Simple.
  16. New 22" Curva Wheels

    What Did You Do To Your Jaguar F-Pace Today?
    Amazing what a set of wheels can do! She's a beauty!
  17. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Me neither. But she did still manage to look kinda cool up on that thing!
  18. Choosing between 20d and 25t

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have the diesel and like others have said, it's a little slow off the line but when it's rolling it's doesn't lack for pace really. The DEF fluid thing is a minor inconvenience. Fuel mileage is awesome. But I think I'll get the petrol engine next time because I do miss the instant response...
  19. Car turns off automatically after parking

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Same thing has been happening in mine recently too. Never noticed it before. But it was just in for a service so maybe they rebooted or updated something? Or maybe I just never had Start/Stop on before?
  20. Testing Forward Alert Sensors

    Are you talking about the parking sensors on the bumpers or the thing that pre-empts a forward collision at speed? Because the latter fell off of ours the other week. Slightly disconcerting. Had to laugh when the service guy at the dealership told us that our car didn't have that feature. He was...
1-20 of 38 Results