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  1. New Apple CarPlay Coming

    I should note that I'm hoping someone comes out with any Apple Car Play weather app, that seems to be a big miss in the list of apps for CarPlay right now. I would prefer to not have to jump back into the Jag software to get the weather.
  2. New Apple CarPlay Coming

    I'm already running 13.1 since I'm a developer. If you are interested, you might be able to get on the 13.1 beta testing group if you want. I think you just need to go to the Apple Website and sign up for beta testing here: Apple Beta Testing Link I think we are on the 4 beta release of...
  3. New to the Jaguar Family!

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the fold, love the color but if you look through my history on this forum you'll see why I'm partial to it. Great looking vehicle.
  4. You're not going to believe it ! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE IT ! GR still can't believe it !

    Off Topic Discussion
    Wow that is fast. it will be interesting to see what the hit may be on the value.
  5. You're not going to believe it ! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE IT ! GR still can't believe it !

    Off Topic Discussion
    Sounds like progress is being made on the repair, but that is surely a long time to be without your vehicle. Maybe you can get Jag to take it on trade for a new Land Rover, or perhaps even the GMC dealer would be interested in a trade. You should be able to figure out an exact diminished...
  6. New Apple CarPlay Coming

    I'll give that a try on the ride home.
  7. New Apple CarPlay Coming

    Yes, I've been running this version of CarPlay since around May. It has worked very well over the last couple months after they got all the bugs out. Google maps has also been slowly improving and if using satellite view for Navi is your thing, it's works pretty awesome. Siri has also...
  8. Heads Up Display No Tach?

    I would like to see the tach in the HUD as well. One thing it will do though is show when you hit redline when in manual mode. The gear indicator in HUD turns red.
  9. Software - OTA - Jag Notice

    They didn't need my car to turn on software updates and my car received the software update in early August. I got my 2019 back in March, and I immediately enabled software update since I was coming from my 2017 and aware that Jaguar was close on doing it. I don't know if my SVR was the...
  10. Wheel Nut Sizing

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    kb8080, I ordered 14x1.5, off Amazon and they worked perfectly fine with my Ace Alloy's on my 2017 and 2019. There was no other spec on those lugs other than the 14x1.5. I know that the length is not close to 2 inches. But they are at least 1.5 inches tall.
  11. Software - OTA - Jag Notice

    When I went to the dealership, they checked the software in my 2019 after my OTA update back in August and confirmed all loaded perfectly fine. They couldn't answer, which I wasn't surprised, why the OTAs stopped for a while.
  12. Remote Start!!!

    ExOz, in another post Skyking and others have talked about the 2.0 version of the Jaguar InControl App that is released in the UK. You have to make your phone look like you are in the UK to get it but some in the US have loaded it and are using it. I have not, since I have a bit of...
  13. Took my SVR to SlipStreamRacingEvents Roll Race Event @PoconoRaceWay

    Off Topic Discussion
    Love the pics. Sounds like a blast. maybe I'll bring my SVR next time. If you get the tune we'll see how much it will truly get you!.
  14. Bought my 2nd car - 2017 Fpace 20d Premium

    New Member Introductions
    Congrats and Welcome to the forum. Very nice F-Pace.
  15. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Brrrrr..... That is a cold morning for early September. Car is quite warmed up either. I agree with Bromma, you like the metric system as well.
  16. Air Suspension for F Pace 2016

    Modifications And Customizations
    I agree, the car is built for handling and that is why I don't think Jag offers the air suspension option. With that said, if you like the look of the F-Pace over the Velar and really want to have air suspension on your F-Pace, I would think the mechanical bits in the Velar would probably fit...
  17. SVR/Lack of Quality Control/Caveat Emptor

    Nothing wrong with the First Edition! Enjoy!
  18. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    Very nice. I love the color. Congratulations!
  19. All the money in the world , can't buy you Common Sense !!! You can't fix stupid !!!

    Off Topic Discussion
    Oh boy... hopefully everyone was ok. I bet he won't let autopilot take over again!
  20. Accident today šŸ˜¢

    Off Topic Discussion
    Sorry that this happened to you. The good thing is that the debris didn't come flying through the windshield and ended up doing some physical damage to you or your passengers. While it's a hassle, and sometimes expensive depending on your insurance, the car can get fixed more easily than...
1-20 of 200 Results