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  1. R-Sport has been in shop for 2 weeks today, they have yet to diagnose the problem!

    F-Pace Issues And Problems
    Look up your states Lemon Law. There is usually a number of times that the dealer is given to fix the same problem without success and or the age of the vehicle regardless of warranty. At that point persistence may be your only choice.
  2. LIVE section and Question.

    Although this might have been a good idea in 2016 when the forum first started and the sub forums started to expand we have gotten to a point where after next year some people's upgrades will stop and JLR will start charging for updates. I think it best to start a thread under ICT and or ICTP...
  3. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    CNBC Logo?
  4. F Pace Service Manual

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Is it a PDF?
  5. Air Suspension for F Pace 2016

    Modifications And Customizations
    JLR does not offer it for the F Pace. It would be a bad choice IMO the car is setup for a sporty ride and making the ride "softer" will alter the handling not in a good way. If you are trying to alter for a softer ride go for smaller rims, lower tire pressure, different tires etc.
  6. Fall meets

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA, WV, MD, DE, VA)
    Ask @GRVR he usually sets them up for the region, I think most of the time they are in the spring.
  7. FPace died at intersection

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    It sounds like the software in the ECU. Shutting the car down and waiting about 15 minutes lets the ECU reboot fresh (usually have to get out and lock the doors). Pretty sure it's a software/firmware problem. The grounding problem that happened a few year ago is something JLR is aware of and of...
  8. Volvo Plagiarism??

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    2016 Volvo XC 90, who plagiarized who?
  9. New design has lower information density Autoguide Forum Support / Help / Fe
    This is what I see and I doesn't matters if I log in as a Mod or regular member, can you post a picture of what you see?
  10. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Supposedly there are two trunks one front and one rear. In the C8 Order Guide one of the options is cargo net (2). So there is a possibility.
  11. How to rename uploaded CDs??

    This would be the more difficult way but upload your CD's to a USB (much quicker) and create a file tree of sorts, i.e. Hip Hop> Album Names> Song titles. I lot of times the song titles or artist info does not transfer in which case you have to go into each song or album file and change or...
  12. InControl - Costs and Features?

    Look this over InControl Apps Which Infotainment system do you have ICT "In Control Touch" or ICTP "In Control Touch Pro"?
  13. Oil Change Can't find the answers

    F-Pace Maintenance And Service
    Did you buy the car new from a Jaguar dealer? Metal filings in the oil is a thing of the past. If there were filings draining the oil won't help. Need a plug with a magnet on it. Why don't you just buy the filter from Jaguar dealer? Do you think the dealer torques the filter and plug? Most...
  14. Apple Car play issues...

    If BT does not work what you need to do is delete the phone from the car and tell your phone to forget (delete) the BT connection. Re-pair the phone to the car and that should solve your BT problem. Then see if the cable you are using now works for ACP.
  15. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    From my experience in buying Corvettes what happens if a color or option is on "constraints" you are given a date when it is expected to be off constraints (available). They will usually allow you to make a change if that is the case. My C6 was on constraints because of the paint color. I went...
  16. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Keep in mind that the "slots" or allocations do not take place all at the same time. They are spaced apart, The allocation may be spread over the course of most of the model year.
  17. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Since they are only producing one flavor a Stingray Coupe it would be more than 10K and probably less than 20 K cars.
  18. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    There is no pricing available yet and yes the dealers who have small allocations are trying to make as much as they can. You will see that Kerbeck, McMulkin etc. will end up being more reasonable.
  19. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Don't think that's going to happen at least for the foreseeable future. Just a C8 forum member with great photo shop capabilities.
  20. About that next generation Corvette . . .

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Excellent choice best of luck with it. This is just the beginning. Your '68 is no match for the C8, be prepared to be thrown back in your seat, Vettes are so much fun even if they're not a daily driver. Don't forget the wave!
1-20 of 150 Results