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  1. New to the Jaguar Family!

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome, beautiful vehicle
  2. The best looking piece of crap I've ever owned.

    2016+ Jaguar F-Pace Reviews
    i don’t understand the complaint on keyless entry? you bought the cheaper model without that feature and now complain it should have been included? did you read the sales materials and specs? yes, the cracked cooling reservoir was an isolated problem on a few earlier vehicles completely covered...
  3. Software - OTA - Jag Notice

    just did 3rd annual service. while in they updated ICTP and said basically “we updated you to prepare you to receive over the air updates. we have not had this happen yet so will be interested to see if it works.” Me too, curious to see how it goes. See screen pic.
  4. OT: NYT article about conventry england and car industry

    Off Topic Discussion
  5. Here it is -your new rubber isolator/locators squeaky spring fix!

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    was more a creak than a squeak. typically heard most when shocks in action, eg over bumpy roads.
  6. Am I being too picky about ITCP update?

    Would have been nice if they had told you that a map update was needed but it's been pretty well known on here at least that this was the case and I think Jaguar has always been clear that map updates were owner's responsibility. In general a good technique is to find a bug via this forum that...
  7. Anyone replace a Sunroof?

    Well....I just did. Meant to post a thread on this. In April I was in a hurry and tired from moving into a new place. I went to my normal car wash with the bike rack on top of vehicle as usual. What I missed doing was cranking closed the tube clamps on the bike rack armature. Partway through the...
  8. Over the air updates email.

    I didn’t read Oz’s post as confused, nor mine, I’m just wondering: a) why is my version apparently a newer software build that the OTA update version reported? b) when my ICTP reports (paraphrase) “no update available” is that because it went and checked and I have latest possible release so...
  9. Over the air updates email.

    Very cool, hurray!
  10. Apple Car play issues...

    i have been using a Photon cable since day 1 of ownership in 2017 and it continues to perform well.
  11. Over the air updates email.

    I did not get the email either. From Jaguar website via link you posted: “ IS MY VEHICLE ELIGIBLE FOR AN INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE? In order for your vehicle to be eligible for an Infotainment system update, the software version of your Infotainment needs to be at 18B or above. You...
  12. I-PACE rollout

    Other Vehicle Discussion
    Interesting I Pace owner experience story. Had heard something about charging/range issues around launch time.
  13. ICTP 19"X" - "Im ICTP nichts Neues" (appologies to Erich Maria Remarque)

    had update two weeks ago, do not notice any differences.
  14. Ran across something almost as fast as the SVR today...

    Off Topic Discussion
    a fellow resident in my old building in denver had exactly this vehicle, honestly, looked like an idiot driving it. maybe maybe as a second or third car to take on rodeo drive or for a saudi prince going to harvard but really just a conspicuous display of foolish money.
  15. FreedomPop SIM Success

    Correct except Nav.. Remote start and all data related to Remote app (journeys, car status, theft, etc) are transmitted to cloud througn the telecommunications unit (TCU) which has its own embedded ATT sim that has nothing to do with the owner sim. The navigation (destinations, route planner...
  16. Dealer “hazardous waste 10% labor charge” add on at Stevinson

    Off Topic Discussion
    Dropped my vehicle for some routine service today at Stevinson in Littleton, CO. I noticed on the work order form there was a statement, and I paraphrase “To cover costs of hazardous materials disposable 10% will be added to all labor charges not to exceed $50 in total.” I asked the service...
  17. Picture of your f-Pace - TODAY!!!

    Jaguar F-Pace Photos & Videos
    High in the flatirons above Boulder, CO
  18. I'm still having bluetooth connection issue

    Assume you have deleted the phone from FPace and FPace from phone, done a full restart on both and re-linked them? Also, what type of phone, phone OS version? Fully updated your phone before relinking? Any issues with USB connection?
  19. Received my S - Frisco, Colorado

    New Member Introductions
    see ya on I-70, great color, congratulations
  20. Auto start/stop conclusions?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    please stick to topic, though it’s been beaten to death
1-20 of 179 Results